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Process Compose 🔥

Process Compose is a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator to manage non-containerized applications.

Why was it made?

Because sometimes you just don't want to deal with docker files, volume definitions, networks and docker registries. Since it's written in Go, Process Compose is a single binary file and has no other dependencies.

Once installed, you just need to describe your workflow using a simple YAML schema in a file called process-compose.yaml:

version: "0.5"

    command: echo 'Hello World from Process Compose'

And start it by running process-compose up from your terminal.

Check the Documentation for more advanced use cases.



  • Processes execution (in parallel or/and serially)
  • Processes dependencies and startup order
  • Process recovery policies
  • Manual process [re]start
  • Processes arguments bash or zsh style (or define your own shell)
  • Per process and global environment variables
  • Per process or global (single file) logs
  • Health checks (liveness and readiness)
  • Terminal User Interface (TUI) or CLI modes
  • Forking (services or daemons) processes
  • REST API (OpenAPI a.k.a Swagger)
  • Logs caching
  • Functions as both server and client
  • Configurable shortcuts
  • Merge Configuration Files
  • Namespaces
  • Run Multiple Replicas of a Process
  • Run a Foreground Process