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Download the Binary


Go to the releases, download the package for your OS, and add to your $PATH.

Install Script

Install script which is very useful in scenarios like CI. Many thanks to GoDownloader for enabling the easy generation of this script.

By default, it installs on the ./bin directory relative to the working directory:

sh -c "$(curl --location" -- -d

It is possible to override the installation directory with the -b parameter. On Linux, common choices are ~/.local/bin and ~/bin to install for the current user or /usr/local/bin to install for all users:

sh -c "$(curl --location" -- -d -b ~/.local/bin


On macOS and Windows, ~/.local/bin and ~/bin are not added to $PATH by default.


If you have the Nix package manager installed with Flake support, just run:

# to use the latest binary release
nix run nixpkgs/master#process-compose -- --help

# or to compile from the latest source
nix run github:F1bonacc1/process-compose -- --help

To use process-compose declaratively configured in your project flake.nix, checkout process-compose-flake.

Brew (MacOS and Linux)

brew install f1bonacc1/tap/process-compose